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Peer Coaching is where each person acts as both the coach and the coachee.

It’s pretty common in a large organisation, but what if you’re not in one?

No worries. You too can get the benefits of peer coaching. 

What are you looking to achieve?


What are you looking to achieve?

So, you recognise that you need to work on your development and are making a conscious effort to grow. But how do you get this working for you when the hardest part is keeping yourself motivated and not feeling isolated?

Peer Coaching Hub is focused on helping you keep your development on track.

  • Regular email advice and resources
  • ‘Get Started’ Peer Coaching Toolkit
  • Virtual Coaching introductory sessions


Gain a different perspective

Peer Coaching is an established powerful approach to professional development. Sure buddying up with a friend or colleague is one way, but gaining a truly independent sounding board who offers a different perspective and avoids any blind spots or conflicts of interest isn’t so easy.

Peer Coaching Hub matches you with a like-minded peer coach committed to investing in their self-development, just like you.

  • Tailored peer matching
  • Initial chemistry support
  • Create your peer coaching plan and define the way forward


Gain a different perspective
Supercharge your development


Supercharge your development

Acting as each other’s “thinking partner” you’ll use your own resource to solve problems. Together through regular interactive conversations you’ll share knowledge and experience, explore a fresh approach to challenges and redefine your goals in a non judgemental, constructive environment.

Peer Coaching Hub provides the framework.

  • Ongoing support & advice to keep you both on track
  • Regular review and established constructive feedback
  • Process to measure your success



Keeping yourself motivated and reaching your goal is much harder on your own.  Don’t just stick to the self-development books; transform your personal development plan with support.

Still not sure peer coaching is right for you? Arrange a no obligation call discuss what’s on your mind. 

Connect with your peers and achieve something amazing!