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Connect with your Peer Coach:

giving you support and accountability so that you can reach your goals

“It takes courage to grow up and become the who you really are”

EE Cummings

How does the guarantee work?

The refund policy is simple. If you sign up to connect with a peer coach and we can’t match you with one, we’ll give you your connection fee back right away.

How are you going to match me up?

This is where our experience makes the difference. For years we’ve been partnering coaches with those who are looking to further their development or who are working on a particular challenge, with some amazing results. We’ll match you up with a peer coach that will complement you and work with you as hard as you need to deliver, and in return you’ll do the same for them.

How will peer coaching benefit me?

In two ways. Firstly, your peer coach will give you an independent, objective sounding board with a different perspective, working with you on your own progression. Secondly, you’ll add to and practice your coaching skills. Great for that next promotion or to add to your CPD.

What is expected of me as a peer?

Being open and being yourself is the fundamental role you’ll take as coach and coachee. We’ll help you understand and develop the skills you’ll need. You’ll then connect with your coach on a number of occasions, i.e. every few weeks over a 6 month period, but before you do, we’ll help you both set objectives and reach them in a measurable way.

Is the initial call truly free?

Yes, it’s free and always will be. Over time, we will add services, products and offers to enhance Peer Coaching Hub, but you will be under no obligation to sign up to these to be part of the community. Some of them may be free while others may be paid for. We’ll let you know.

How will you quantify my development and progress?

This will be established during your first conversation together and then you’ll each help each other through the journey. We will be there by your side to help and guide you along the way.

Read our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. If you have questions about the Peer Coaching Hub or our sign up process, you can contact us and we’ll get right back to you.

Connect with your peers and achieve something amazing!